We help women,
immigrants, and minorities
grow successful businesses

a nonprofit that provides sales coaching


Since 2011, we’ve helped diverse business owners generate over $12 million in revenue

Getting your clients the help they need can be hard.

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You can join us as a referral partner, volunteer, or donor.

Referral partners like CDFIs BOC, Community Capital New York, and Mountain BizWorks have allowed almost 1,000 diverse business owners to receive 1 on 1 sales coaching. 

Volunteers from HubSpot, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and other companies provide 1 on 1 sale coaching to diverse small business owners.

Donors have turned $200,000 in contributions to $7.5M in sales for diverse business owners during the pandemic period.

Hear from our partners


Business Outreach Center Network - New York

Duplessy Foundation took a 10 person cohort of our business owners from $300,000 to $1.2M in total revenue in six months. They continue to work with many of those entrepreneurs years after the initial program. 


 See how we can partner with you in building profitable, sustainable businesses.

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Refer your diverse clients to us.

We coach them for the next year to ensure long-term success.

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They attend a 3 month, cohort-based live sales coaching program 

Diverse business owners will learn to implement sales activities including calls, emails, and tracking progress

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We coach them for the next year to
ensure long-term success.

Together, we develop a clear, concise strategy for building their business.

Your clients shouldn’t have to give upon their dream because they don’t have the skills needed - yet.

We’re here to provide mentoring and training for one-year so your clients can have the success they deserve.


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