We work with microlenders
and CDFIs to identify women, immigrant, and minority business owners with great potential.

Then we help them reach it.


Since 2011, we’ve helped diverse business owners generate over $12 million in revenue

Meet Marie

Marie is a Haitian immigrant from New York and an artist. She started her business in 2020, offering three services – murals, kids art programs, and paint parties – but she struggled to get off the ground.

After two years of working with Duplessy Foundation, Marie grew from a shy artist making $48,000 to a confident business owner who earned 1M in yearly revenue.

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We paid for Marie to get the resources she needed.

Through funding from partners like you, we are able to provide training for our clients at little to no cost to them.

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She got clear.

We connected Marie with sales professionals at Hubspot so she could understand how to position her services and learn how to sell to potential customers.

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She got help.

We hired a designer to develop her materials and website so she would have the collateral she needed to get her message out in today’s world.

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She got mentored.

Through our year-long mentoring program, Marie simplified her offerings down to one product and grew her business by 600% in one year.

Our clients don’t just build their business.

They help others build theirs as well.

Marie is now teaching other women, immigrant, and minority business owners what she has learned.

We want to help 1000 business owners just like Marie

By 2040, our goal is to partner with 1000 diverse business owners like Marie to help them each generate $1 million per year.

You are the key to making that vision a reality.

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We work with microlenders and CDFIs to identify women, immigrant, and minority business owners with great potential.

We partner with you to provide long-term accountability, information, and mentoring to your clients.


Hi, I’m Derrick!

Since 2012, I’ve helped women, immigrant, and minority business owners generate more than 12M in sales.

The critical step for each of them? Learning the fundamentals of sales.

These diverse business owners transform their businesses by learning the basic sales tools and techniques. Take Karla for example: she grew from being a shy house cleaner doing everything on her own to running a staff of 20 employees in one year.

By 2040, it’s my dream to find 1,000 diverse business owners just like Karla and help them each reach $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

Together, we can create real social change.If you're ready to be a part of that change, let's schedule a conversation.


Sarah Johnson Dayes

Chief Client Officer at Acceleration Partners (AP), a leading global performance marketing agency. She is responsible for the success of AP's 250+ member Client Services team and the health and happiness of its global client relationships.

Stacey Wiessbock

Organizational change consultant and career strategist.  Applying Stacey's experience coaching corporate leaders and individuals to growth has been key in developing our model. You'll often find her volunteering in our sales workshops, accelerator program, or advising our diverse business owners.

We invite you to join with other Microlenders, CFDIs, successful entrepreneurs, and sale professionals in partnering with us so we can transform our communities.